Friends Letting Friends Date Drunk

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drunken Dater's Boyfriend Criteria

1) Must be able to dress self. And I don't mean "dress nicely." I mean physically be able to put on pants.

2) Must keep clothes on in public. This is very important to me.

3) Must have an unusual name. Or a name that I cannot pronounce.

4) Must not have a job. Because there is nothing I like more than supporting a man. Apparently.

5) Must be decent looking. And by this I mean he isn't dead.

6) Must like to go sailing. And by this I mean drink.

7) Must be interested in things I say. And by this, I mean look in my general direction when I speak.

Mr. Wonderful fulfilled one of these criteria. I now have to go out of the country (for real) but when I return I will bring you the exciting conclusion of MR. WONDERUL IV: The Death of Mr. Wonderful. And my Dignity.


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