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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mr Wonderful II


1) Mr. Wonderful is not very good looking at first, but after 3 glasses of wine he vastly improves.

2) However, not enough to distract from his high-pitched donkey bray.

3) Mr. Wonderful is from the great state of New Jersey

4) Which would explain the light blue polyester button-down he was proudly sporting.

5) Sadly, he could not cover up his polymonstrosity because despite the 40 degree weather, Mr. Wonderful “forgot” to wear a coat. Sidebar: I hate it when men do “quirky” things. It’s annoying and it comes off as idiotic. Be a man. Wear a fucking coat.

6) Mr. Wonderful is NOT in fact a zoo keeper, but actually works at a hedge fund. And no, I still do not understand what a hedge fund is, but for some reason I always picture a porcupine.

7) Mr. Wonderful likes to give himself compliments by telling you compliments that others have given to him. See number 2 in "highlights" for details.

8) Mr. Wonderful is 32.

9) I still do not know Mr. Wonderful's name.

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