Friends Letting Friends Date Drunk

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How I Know I May have just had Sex with a Sociopath

He declared his love for me over and over again before, he called my (throat clear) "vagina" my (double throat clear) "Shame-Shame," during, and instantly rolled off of me, walked over to the couch, and settled in to read New York Post directly followed by The Daily News after.*

This happened every. Single. Time. We. Did. It. The. Exact. Same. Way.

Yes, i realize that some of you probably consider him a hero.

I sort of do too.

*Eventually, I would try to get up first and beat him to the couch, reasoning that somehow this was salvaging some sense of pride. And so that I could do the crossword in the Daily News before he read it.


Gina said...

wait...does this guy have lamb-chop sideburns?

Cookieface said...

HAHAHA. No. not when I was around